Migrol – Switzerland

29.04.2022 | Case study

In 2018,  Swiss oil company Migrol needed a fuel pricing tool which would increase precision but also reduce manual work and free up time to look to more strategic ways of operating. They approached A2i with exactly that aim. Volume and margins are among the most important aspects in the oil industry. Price manager Marc Wettstein has been in charge of Migrol’s price decision system for a couple of years and before attending Migrol he worked in various oil companies.  This is what he had to say about PriceCast Fuel:

Prior to our close cooperation with A2i our fuel pricing was based on what I will define as an “old school multi-channel approach”: we used a lot of resources collecting data mainly through a lot of incoming phone calls and mails. In reality, it was a gut feeling approach. It wasn’t the most sophisticated or efficient approach and neither based on data nor very systematic. 

PriceCast Fuel has provided us with a smart and lean infrastructure providing us with an extended degree of agility. All the data needed and the reporting solution are embedded in the solution from A2i. In the “old school times” we had to compare various data manually. It was highly costly both in terms of hours we use to compare the different datasheet we based our decisions on then. Using Price Cast Fuel we immediately get access to the information we need. It is faster, more efficient and we now avoid a lot of manual handling. It’s done automatically and we do not need additional information.

With Price Cast Fuel Migrol has become more competitive and gained a stronger market position. We are more agile and better prepared for future market fluctuations.

Since installing PriceCast Fuel, the relationship between Migrol and A2i has gone from strength to strength. Marc has consistently been a great reference for us, as have all of our customers. We look forward to continue to working with Marc as we grow our business with them, and introduce Migrol to the new features to come!

Marc Wettstein, Migrol

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