What are the benefits of AI in the food industry?

A prime example of an industry utilizing the power of AI is the food industry. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the demand for restaurant food will not disappear, but rather how we order food has probably changed forever. Online ordering, mobile ordering, and self-service ordering, has now become staple to our everyday lives. 

However, that can lead to problems, such as how do we ensure quality, whilst we deal with increased speed and variation?

AI will help here in multiple ways. It starts with freshness. If we order raw ingredients based on manual predictions, then we end up with an overstocked inventory leading to kitchen staff using lower quality produce. Using AI to handle the prediction of demand, will help ensure that raw produce is supplied in smaller amounts more frequently, in order to ensure continued freshness and quality.

Next, artificial intelligence based kitchen production systems will drive speed, allowing for more automated systems of build sandwiches and burgers in a controlled manner, like a production line, with each component accurate mapped in terms of time, those kitchen staff will always know how long it takes to create a certain product, setting the right expectations with customers.

Those AI-based kitchen systems will also make sure that customer tailor orders are built in the correct manner to ensure a quality experience. AI systems will understand the recipe, and the customer’s crazy add-ons, to ensure each component is correctly placed, meaning now hot, soggy lettuce, on that burger, but cool, crisp freshness. This all leads to a better overall experience.

Pricing and upselling items

Finally, AI will help price each product but also each upsell item. Gym next door to your quick service restaurant (QSR) just finished their zumba lesson, then the system will know how to price smoothies and healthy options. Lunchtime at the building site down the road? Then the system will probably price that bacon upsell item on that burger a little differently.

AI can help make sure your customer is recognised, rewarded, enticed, and kept delighted. It can make efficiencies in your business, managing time better, helping to ensure staff is kept happy with better shift management. AI can ensure you are taking advantage of savings in the creation and management of your food items, make sure you are creating less waste. It can ensure you are maximising your return on every single component of your restaurant.

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