Traditional fuel pricing is dying.

It is time to revolutionise the Retail Fuel industry.  Stop following competitors who are getting their prices wrong, and start listening to the customer.  It’s time to set new standards for fuel pricing, using customer-centric, artificial intelligence driven, fuel pricing. At A2i, we recognise that it is time to change the game. If you want to be successful in the next generation of fuel retailing, then you need to be strategic; you need to be in the lead. Only with true customer-centric Artificial Intelligence can you hope to find margins and volumes.

Thankfully, there’s PriceCast Fuel!

Traditional fuel pricing has always been competitor centric; but now is the time to be Customer Centric.  Only PriceCast Fuel can drive improved volumes and margins, without sacrificing customer satisfaction.  No other off-the-shelf product can do what we can do.  We are the world leader in AI-driven Fuel Price Management.


PriceCast Fuel utilises Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence to ensure the Right Price, to the Right Customer, at the Right Time

A2i is an acronym for AAI, meaning “Applied Artificial Intelligence”.

Thanks to our initial partnership with the largest Danish retail fuel company, OK a.m.b.a., we developed PriceCast Fuel – the Next Generation Retail Fuel Pricing System based on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Behavioural Pattern Recognition.  Today, we represent some of the world’s leading fuel retailers.



We are constantly investing in our product, with a committed roadmap far into the future, including Portfolio Pricing, a new innovative Dashboard, Customer Targeting Engine, Dynamic Car Wash Pricing, and much more. We are ready to serve you with all forms of fuel pricing, from Full AI, down to Rule-based, whether on traditional fossil fuels, or with the next generation of EV charging.

As proud members of IFSF and Conexxus, we are working on creating the next generation of industry standards when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. IFSF has a long tradition of working with the major oil retailers for the best in class solutions to industry challenges, whilst Conexxus is a North American leader in convenience store technology standardisation, making it simple to get innovation into the field, faster.

What it comes down to, is that we know Artificial Intelligence, and we know Fuel Retail; put them together, and you have the right combination to make your business a success now, and in the future.


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