Consumer based pricing

Recognizing behavioral patterns in transactional data, equals better pricing more margin and higher volume.

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Beyond dynamic pricing

Beyond dynamic pricing

a2i systems and PriceCast Fuel was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Sam Schechner explains in detail how consumer based pricing works and the effects it can bring.

Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal.

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A new pricing paradigm

The key differentiation of PriceCast Fuel as compared to other fuel pricing optimization products is that PCF can deliver customer-centric pricing based on customer behavior through AI, thus allowing the retailer to optimize further and stay current with dynamic markets.

PriceCast Fuel is data-driven, i.e. it is based on the data coming in from the real world. No human or team of humans can perform the number crunching and forecasting that the algorithms in a neural network, like PriceCast, is capable of. The system feeds on data, and if the input data is timely, valid and reliable, then you cannot do any better than PriceCast Fuel can – other than by coincidence.

A new pricing paradigm

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