Ethical AI

At A2i we believe that only by following ethical principles when developing AI algorithms we can build responsible AI systems in which we as humans can trust.

Our AI Principles

The purpose of AI – The purpose of AI is to augment human intelligence. AI should make all of us better at our jobs, and that the benefits of the AI era should touch the many, not just the few.

Human Control and Oversight – As it is our belief that the purpose of AI is to augment human intelligence, we strongly believe that humans should always be in control of the AI and provide the guide rails for how decisions can be taken by providing goals and setting restrictions.

Data Ownership and Integrity – Data belongs to our customers. The integrity of our customers data is treated with outmost respect and is always stored- and processed in isolation. Our AI algorithms are always trained with data from only one customer at a time to ensure that learning isn’t propagated from customer to customer.

Transparency and explainability – We believe transparency reinforces trust; thus, we make a key point into telling our customers which data is used in training the AI models and into explaining which decisions the algorithm is taking.

Fairness and robustness – Properly designed AI algorithms can both assist humans in making fairer choices and are more robust towards not being bias in their decision-making.

Privacy and Accountability – AI algorithms must be secure and prioritize privacy and data rights. And in the end people should be accountable for their decision-making.