PriceCast Fuel

Fuel pricing doesn’t need to be complicated.

Remove the guesswork from your fuel pricing strategy by focusing on your customers not your competitors.

Real time data
Uses real-time data to ensure your business objectives are met in an ever-changing market.

Fully customisable to your business objectives and constraints.

optimal price

Calculates the optimal price based on emerging behaviours and price sensitivity of customers on the forecourt.

Continuous learning

Continuously learns from the changing patterns in the data to find opportunities that you might otherwise miss.


Helps retailers to navigate volatile market conditions and maintain a proactive pricing strategy.


Considers a range of factors that impact customer behaviour including weather, sporting events, time of day and global incidents.

dynamic pricing

Supports simple fixed pricing through to dynamic predictive AI models.


Our expert team are on hand to guide you through the set-up process and beyond.

The power of PriceCast

The power of PriceCast

As forecourts evolve away from the traditional fuel first model towards multi-purpose mobility hubs that offer a range of charging, retail and additional services, our solutions must evolve with them. For over 15 years A2i Systems has provided artificial intelligent...

Introducing PriceCast EV

Introducing PriceCast EV

The European EV market is booming. Last year almost 2 million new electric cars were registered [European Environment Agency] and with more affordable EVs on the horizon it is expected that the market will continue to grow. For a long time the fuel retail industry has...

A2i signs reseller agreement with Invenco by GVR

A2i signs reseller agreement with Invenco by GVR

A2i Systems (A2i), an artificial intelligence fuel pricing company, announced today it has signed a reseller agreement for PriceCast Fuel with Invenco by GVR, a Vontier company and global leader in innovative technology for convenience stores, retail and commercial...