Press Release: A2i re-brands in line with company growth plans

02.07.2021 | A2i Systems, Press release

COPENHAGEN—A2i Systems A/S, a leading provider of AI-driven Fuel Price Management solutions to leader fuel retailers, celebrates it’s 10-year anniversary of PriceCast Fuel with re-branding it’s logo and launching a new website.  The new logo and color scheme is designed to reflect the company’s future-thinking vision of an AI driven service station, beginning with Fuel Pricing.

As a technological company, A2i connects worlds of science, artificial intelligence and industry. The new logo and corporate identity were designed to embrace the science of fuel pricing and reflects the entitlement of A2i to be recognized as a modern company that processes data to optimize fuel prices.

“Back in 2007 when we founded A2i, we did so on the basis of a ground-up AI solution which would be groundbreaking at the time.” Said Frodi Hammer, CTO and Founder of A2i. “We never imagined coming so far in these ten years in the energy industry, and we have so much more to offer in terms of innovation for the forecourt and convenience store.”

“Our new design reflects our understanding of oil companies and their transition into modern energy and mobility providers, and to connect with them in a way that demonstrates our thought-leadership,” explained Gary Szendzielarz, Vice President Global Sales, A2i.  “As a company, we have grown significantly since the launch of PriceCast Fuel ten years ago, doubling the size of the company, and expanding into some major brands, and new continents with the recent win of a major retailer in North America.”

“These are exciting times. We feel that the new design, coupled with our continued growth, just goes to show how important artificial intelligence is for the industry.” Said Jørgen Kragbøll, CEO, A2i.  “As the Fuel Retail industry continues to quickly evolves, we are proud of the fact that we have a strong solution ready to support with any challenges ahead.”

About A2i Systems A/S
A2i is a provider of advanced AI-driven fuel price management and customer behavior solutions for some of the world’s leading fuel and convenience retailers, with thousands of sites installed I Europe and North America.

 In 2020, A2i entered into a strategic relationship with IHS Markit’s OPIS, with the goal of bringing the combined benefit of a2i systems’ AI engine, with OPIS market insights, to customers around the world.

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