AI vs AI vs AI…and the question of market complexity

27.07.2021 | AI, Customers

It’s been an interesting situation to be in.  Approaching a customer with PriceCast Fuel, only to hear, “Yes, others are talking to us about artificial intelligence too!”  Then when they sit down and listen to our pitch, they realise, “actually, yours seems different…”

There are a good number of reasons for that, which we would like to outline here:

  • Our AI solution has been running for years – A2i’s first installation took place ten years ago.  Since then, we have expanded across the global to multiple customers.  It’s online, it’s installed, it’s working, and we not only have the results, but we have the references willing to prove it.  This isn’t an idea, it isn’t a Powerpoint vision; this is reality.
  • It’s built from AI, not added as an after-thought – Our AI solution was built with the AI front and centre.  It is designed as a customer-centric AI fuel pricing solution, which fully understands your customers and prices against them.  It is not a competitor-follower solution with some basic AI or Machine Learning added on top of it.  It’s a true AI-first solution.
  • It is our own built-from-scratch neural-net AI, not an off-the-rack one-size-fits-all AI solution, nor a simplistic Bayesian solution or anything like that – We have employed thousands of manhours and Ph.D. level thinking, to create a world first self-learning solution which drives increases in volumes and margins like no other solution.  We’ve not tried to make a square-peg fit a round hole. 

The next thing they usually say is, “this ROI calculation of days or weeks can’t possibly be true!”  Or, “our market is very complex and conservative.  Your AI won’t understand our customers – they only want the cheapest fuel!”

  • Not only is it true that the ROI is fast – We have the references to back it up.  If you want to know just how fast, send us your average annual volumes per site, and your number of sites, and we can send you a calculation.
  • We’re sure your market is complex – Which is why AI makes more sense than trying to work things out as a human.  AI is critical to understanding an increasingly complex and often more conservative market as it can correlate parameters and data points in much higher dimensions than we can as humans. 
  • It’s not suited to our market – Our solution has been installed in some of the most difficult retail spaces in the world, where fuel regulations have left very little wiggle room, and still it has found success.  If something needs to be changed or adjusted to factor in the specificities of your market, it is usually a minor task. 

We love our customers and we love the chance to answer these questions.  We love the fact that our customers are constantly happy to be references for us, because it just goes show the value we bring them.  We want to bring the same value to you.  Contact us today to discuss how we can do that.

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