A2i Systems to showcase the power of artificial intelligence using Atari games

04.05.2022 | Events

A2i Systems will showcase the power of artificial intelligence in a fun, interactive way at UNITI Expo by encouraging visitors to play classic Atari video games.

Games such as Pong and Space Invaders have long been used by AI companies to test the capabilities of their artificial intelligence. The games provide a variety of challenges that force AI to come up with new strategies, whilst maintaining a clear measure of success to train against. DeepMind’s AI can now play all 57 Atari games using a deep reinforcement learning algorithm to achieve superhuman levels of play.

Whilst visitors A2i’s booth, which will be shared with The Lantzerath Group, are not expected to hit the heights achieved by artificial intelligence, it is a fun, interactive way to show how powerful AI is when compared to manual human processes. 

PriceCast Fuel, a fuel price management software developed by A2i Systems uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to provide dynamic, predictive consumer-behaviour-based pricing. The fully automated pricing decision system is capable of processing vast sums of data and can proactively identify and predict changing consumer trends and adjust prices accordingly.

Over the last few years, events such as the global pandemic and more recently the war in Ukraine have caused major disruptions to the industry. PriceCast Fuel is able to navigate the ever-changing market conditions, allowing retailers to find the right price whilst balancing rising costs and consumer expectations.

“Over the last few years the fuel retail industry has taken a real hit, but with PriceCast Fuel retailers have been able to unearth opportunities that might otherwise have been missed. The Atari games on our UNITI stand are a great way to demonstrate that no matter how skilled a player is, the human brain has its limitations when compared to artificial intelligence,” explained Frodi Hammer Founder and CTO at A2i Systems.

“We want to show retailers that artificial intelligence is not something to be feared, but an invaluable tool that can enhance the work of pricing analysts and help companies to meet their business goals,” he added.

Since the last UNITI Expo in 2018, A2i Systems has also undertaken an extensive rebranding project. As well as a new, clean and modern visual identity the project also involved creating a clearer definition of the PriceCast Fuel product.

Try your hand at the Atari Games and talk to the A2i Systems about PriceCast Fuel at Booth 5/5A30. Head to  a2isystems.com for further information.

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