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What it takes to win.

It’s crazy out there!

We are living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis are all contributing to a volatile marketplace. Whilst we may not be able to change these external factors, we can adapt and harness the potential of these situations to overcome challenges.

This paper will examine the current situation and demonstrate how artificial intelligence can help you to win, even in the most volatile of markets.

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A2i to speak at the Conexxus Annual Conference 2023

With the launch of Open AI’s artificial intelligence chatbot, Chat GPT, artificial intelligence, outside the characterisations seen in movies, has become a huge talking point. The viral chat bot is powered by huge sums of data and is able to construct sentences in...

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Is a recession looming in 2023?

As we look towards the year 2023 it becomes harder and harder to ignore the current economic climate and the potential impact on consumer behavior. With a recession looming, retailers must be proactive in understanding their customers, discover what drives them and...

PriceCast Fuel

How using AI could raise your margins

PriceCast Fuel (PCF) is the fuel retail industry’s most advanced pricing solution, driven by artificial intelligence. PCF helps fuel pricing analysts to remove the guesswork in their everyday decision making and empowering them to become more strategic. The Oil...


PriceCast Fuel at NACS Show 2022

A2i to showcase the benefits of PriceCast Fuel to the US market at NACS 2022 During the last 12 years, PriceCast Fuel by A2i Systems (A2i), has become the world’s leading AI-driven fuel pricing management solution. PriceCast Fuel is deployed across Europe and North...

PriceCast Fuel, AI

Understanding your customers in a world of data

The key for any successful business endeavour has always been understanding your customers. But gone are the days of good old fashioned face-to-face customer service, the days where you knew – almost – all your customers, their family members, and personal...