Our Values

Our Values

“We need diversity of thought in the world, to face the new challenges.”
~Tim Berners-Lee, Founder of the World Wide Web

We maybe a young company, but we are a modern one, with strong values and convictions which are shared throughout the company.
Here’s how.


Denmark has an open, free and welcoming culture, with many initiatives intended to drive diversity. As a Danish company, at A2i, we believe that our team-members should feel comfortable to be who they are, express their own culture, share their identity, without any judgment or worry about how others will feel. A2i welcomes everyone, with a completely equal opportunity. We want the best, that’s all that matters.

Integrity & Accountability

We pride ourselves on building an ethically sound AI solution, which treats our customer’s data securely. As an organisation, we believe that honesty and integrity remain staple cornerstones to our success. We always encourage our employees to speak their mind, and we hold ourselves accountable for any bump in the road. We stand by our words.

Innovation & Thought-Leadership

We always want to be relevant in everything we do, that’s why we are not only constantly investing in our solutions, but also our people. Our free environment is designed to encourage everyone to feel free to take their ideas forward. We want to be the gold standard for all things AI in fuel retail, and to do that we have a clearly defined roadmap and strong thought leadership.

Ethical AI

It is absolutely critical for us that our AI behaves in a way which does not harm the end consumer. In life or death scenarios, such as weather events, or potential civil unrest, it is critical and in many places mandatory, to serve the customer fuel without risk of unethical behaviour. Our AI is ready for this, and is proven in the market.


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