29.04.2022 | Case study

BigBrother, an innovation company specialising in security technology, is one of a number of trusted partners worldwide who have helped to showcase the benefits of AI customer-centric fuel pricing. Based in The Netherlands, BigBrother, work with a number of fuel station operators. Here’s what some of them have to say about PriceCast Fuel:

“Euro 95 volume increase of 7,7% and an increased margin of €0,0022 per litre.” Koen van der Knaap – Shell van der Knaap

“The system shows that during the coronavirus months, we have made over €5.000 of extra margin.” Hendrik & Carolien Stadman – Avia Stadman

“Euro 95 volume increase of 5,1% and an increased margin of €0,003 per litre.” Johan Teunissen – Shell de Wetering



A2i and BigBrother both believe that technology can push the mobility business, but that the people creating and implementing this technology are crucial to reach this goal. For the past 5 years we have been able to build a sustainable business and partnership based on a customer-centric approach. A2i always meets our expectations when it comes to quick and qualitative support, in order to guarantee the extraordinary impact PricesCast Fuel has on the business of our clients.

- Aart van Rooijen, Commercial Director, BigBrother

If you are a dealer, a single-site operator, or a regional operator, then contact us  discuss how our regional partners can assist you. Currently, we have partners in the UK,  mainland Europe, North and South America.

If you operate in Benelux/Germany, then please contact BigBrother directly.

Watch the full interviews, courtesy of BigBrother, below:

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