PriceCast Fuel at NACS Show 2022

01.09.2022 | Events

A2i to showcase the benefits of PriceCast Fuel to the US market at NACS 2022

During the last 12 years, PriceCast Fuel by A2i Systems (A2i), has become the world’s leading AI-driven fuel pricing management solution. PriceCast Fuel is deployed across Europe and North America at more than 10,000 sites, empowering retailers to move away from traditional competitor-centric fuel pricing toward a customer-centric approach. By focusing on customer data PriceCast Fuel can identify trends and provide dynamic, predictive, customer- centric pricing that ensures the right price, to the right customer at the right time, even in the most volatile market conditions.

The solution was born out of the volatile market conditions in Europe back in 2010, and since 2018 A2i has expanded its focus to North America and has been working successfully with retailers here.

The US market has its own unique set of considerations, but despite the key differences, the market is starting to exhibit similar patterns A2i has witnessed and worked with in the last 12 years in Europe. This includes the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic, the Ukraine war, and natural disasters such as forest fires.

“Covid-19, the war, or forest fires in California, are all present examples of external factors that over and over again affect the way the market behaves leading to increased volatility, both in a micro and macro perspective, which becomes increasingly hard to predict . The self-learning capabilities of PriceCast Fuel’s artificial intelligence are essential to take this volatility into consideration for optimal pricing across all 50 states, of which all are impacted differently,” explained Frodi Hammer, CTO, and Founder at A2i Systems.

“The trends and patterns we are seeing across the US are increasingly looking more and more like the trends and patterns we’re used to seeing elsewhere. This also means that we are seeing alike margin increases of up to 8% for the retailers we are working with,” he added.

Beyond fuel

Whilst unmanned sites are prevalent across Europe, the US tends to focus on a fuel site collocated with a convenience store and offering their customers the choice of more fuel grades. As PriceCast Fuel offers optimisation by store and by product, this allows for more opportunities for serving just the right price at the right time for the customers visiting the network, but it doesn’t end there.

“With the US market we are going to look beyond fuel optimisation and throw c-store optimisation in to mix. Convenience is king, and through AI we can start to model and understand why each individual customer visits your store and from that take convenience to the next level.”


A2i will be at the 2022 NACS Show, which takes place 2-4 October at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas. The team will be located at booth 6237 alongside Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). For more information on PriceCast Fuel visit

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